Crypto Gods
Crypto Gods


Crypto Demons



Crypto Demons

Gold Series 1

Lead Designer SOLLOG the Crypto God


The lead artist of Crypto Demons  is SOLLOG

He is a living legend in Internet lore

With a legion of fans around the world

Due to his infamous Prophecies

Artist – Song Writer – Filmmaker – Mystic

SOLLOG has the busiest solo artist site in the world

His USA Alexa is in the 20K Alexa Range for USA

His global Alexa is far better than

Hirst – Hockney – Koons – Warhol

SOLLOG  is the first artist to Sell a Billion Dollar Painting


A very Rare NFT Art Token Series


Only 13 Demons


13 – 1/1 Mintings Sold Out

130 -1/10

1300 – 1/100

13,000 – 1/1000

14,443 Total


Crypto Demons Series 1 Gold Tiamat
Crypto Demons Series 1 Gold Tiamat